Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Social Media in Government

Following tweets and blog posts from the Social Media in Government Conference being held in Canberra this week. It sounds like some of the speakers also presented at Gov 2.0 or the Digital Management Summit so I am glad I didn't sign up for this one.

I love following the tweets with links to presentations and other sites that are being discussed! It is almost like attending. Craig Thomler is doing a liveblog link in his blog and commenting on presentations and the twitter hashtag is #socialmediagov

I have started my Masters in Knowledge Management at Charles Sturt Uni and am trying to get through my readings without being side tracked. Such interesting topics!! I am doing two library subjects before moving on to KM: The Information Society and The Digital Environment.

Also coming to terms with how my agency may be different from other Gov departments and agencies when it comes to open access, creative commons publishing etc. Challenges!! We have recently jumped into the social media world with a new blog, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube accounts. Small steps. I am also almost ready to publish our Information Publication Plan (IPP) which is required under the Government's IPS.