Friday, 23 March 2012

Work in progress and 2012 so far

Wow, a while between posts! A lot has happened this year so far and it is speeding by already.

  • Agency's Information Publication Plan has been posted on our website as per the IPS requirements. 
  • Information and Records Management Policy has been updated. Waiting for sign-off by CEO.
  • Knowledge Management Strategy and plan completed.
  • Risk assessment done on an internal project management system.
  • Working groups set up for Intranet and internal project management system.
  • Social Media up and running with great results.
  • Reviewing Attorney-General's Consultation Paper on Extending Legal Deposit for impact on agency.
  • Attended NAA's Digital Continuity Plan launch.
  • Attended 3 day training on SharePoint @ DDLS
  • Uni has just started again - Knowledge Management subject this semester! Reading lots!!
  • On panel for current recruitment exercise
  • Conducted two social media sessions for internal staff
  • Involved in working group to implement smart forms for project applications
  • Started compiling monthly analytics info from website
  • Trialing Storify and other ways of archiving social media
  • Attended an info session at NAA on new GRA 31
  • Assisted external auditors in legislative compliance audit (FOI Act, Privacy Act and Archives Act)
  • Had a week of leave (to do a bit of work on my house :-)
  • Started discussions around a refresh or review of our external website
  • Not so regular fortnightly Records Management team meetings (will get onto that)
  • Took part in discussions around updating our internal Outlook distribution lists
  • Attended first Corporate Managers meeting
  • Attended several in-house 'brown bag' presentations
  • Helped celebrate a colleague's 20 years with the agency
  • Researching how to best conduct an Information or Knowledge Audit.
  • Moved 100 Recall boxes of old registry files out of a compactus
  • Completed an online survey which turned into an online article - needing corrections! Lesson learnt.
  • Various updates to website, Intranet and social media channels
  • Discussion around procedures and recording permissions and access to our EDRMS
Wowee! Good exercise to do, I used to do a similar thing as a report to my boss in my last job, weekly. This covers 2.5 months worth of work but is a good snapshot of what I do and am working on.