Thursday, 3 November 2011

ActKM conference - part 3

Stephen Byrne - Developing people to develop knowledge 
Sha Reilly - The unknown unknowns - making sense of expertise.

These were really interesting activities around mapping roles and capabilities to create a capability framework. Fascinating to see the range of KM capabilities and skills at the event, but would work well for any role or team in an organisation to identify gaps and outline future learning needs.

I definitely want to use this technique in the future.

Matthew Tukaki - Preparing your organisation for the future.

This was one of the most inspiring presentations I have heard for ages. Great story and well told. Matthew talked about going into an organisation as a consultant to look at their processes and structure. I was so inspired I didn't take notes......

Matthew Cain - Using IS to promote KM - iArmy wiki page

This presentation created quite a discussion around the room. It was great to see the military using new tools for sharing and managing knowledge. iArmy allows troops on the ground to communicate real time problems and experiences back to headquarters and leaders. Cain talked about the importance of organisational buy in and the importance of participation at top levels for this program to work. In such a hierarchical structure if the person at the top is taking note, those under them will make sure they are onto it too!

Good resource to read up about "after action review (AAR)" Thinking we could use this at the end of each project we manage here.

Graham Durant-Law - Using SNA for organisational and personal improvement.

Social Network Analysis (SNA)

  • organisational and personal dynamics are at play
  •  there is a need to identify key staff for change management (this may be the tea lady)
  • he discussed link analysis and graph analysis
  • brokerage roles - personal influence
  • how work really gets done - personal relationships and networks
  • who are the influencers int he organisation?
Vladimir Videnovic - BI, the reinforcing steel in stories. 

New York is doing some very cool stuff with social media and public engagement!!
  • NYC government - 350,000 employees, US$60 billion budget and 8 million New Yorkers!
  • They have a central non-emergency contact number 311 - for all queries about roads, waste management, libraries etc - all Local Government issues relating to New York City.
  • They have a central cite which mashes up and provides access to all city data - provided by different agencies and organisations. They had to move to standardised and consistent reporting to achieve this. Non-secured, non-taxpayer information only.
  • There is a central citizens portal for the public to use to follow up on queries and to encourage open engagement and promote accountability.
  • Mayor Bloomberg wants to know if his cops illegally park. He wants to 'sack that guy'!
That's all folks (few got it all down, eventually)! I am sure I have forgotten many good bits.

I met some lovely KMers and made new contacts too!!

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